10 Must-Have BuddyPress Plugins for Interactive Social Networking


BuddyPress is the obvious choice if you want to add social networking to your WordPress site, as it comes with essential features, such as user profiles, activity streams, and user groups. But if you want to create a more personalized experience for your users, you’ll need a few plugins to bolster the basic package.

In this post, I’ll take you through some great plugins for adding interactivity to your community, including live chat, membership, eCommerce, and social sharing.

Live Chat Options

With live chat, you can engage visitors in real-time, answer any of their questions, and provide more detailed explanations about various aspects of your website. Most importantly, you can “humanize” your business by being readily available to serve your site visitors.

Each interaction produces a transcript and you can use that data to further improve your services.

  • 2. iFlyChat


    This cloud-based live chat plugin automatically integrates with BuddyPress, offering speedy chat loads and another layer of interaction to your website. Have users connect through group chat, create a chat room, or offer pop up chat for private or public interaction.

    In addition to text and emoticons, community members can post videos, URLs, and images in the chat window.

    You can install iFlyChat as you would any other plugin, but you’ll need to create an account and obtain an API key to activate this plugin on your website. Its free version is limited to ten simultaneous chats in one chat room; pricing for the remaining plans vary.

    Through the Basic plan, you’d pay $19 per month for 60 simultaneous users in an unlimited number of chat rooms with the option to globally embed them.

    For $49 per month, you can moderate 150 users in an unlimited number of chat rooms using the Professional plan. Monitor more than 300 simultaneous chats by enrolling in the monthly Enterprise plan for $99 and up. Both the Professional and Enterprise plans include global and private embeds plus group chat.

  • 3. WP Live Chat Support


    Unsure of where you’d like to host your live chat plugin? With WP Live Chat Support, you have the option to self-host or host your live chat on their servers for increased speed and security.

    If you choose to self-host, though, it’s unlikely that your website would crash or your live chat stall. Through long polling, this plugin has been programmed to minimize its use of your server’s resources – shared or VPS.

    Additional features:

    • Program quick responses for common questions
    • Assign an unlimited number of agents (Pro version)
    • Compatible with all caching plugins
    • Receive instant notification of an active chat
    • Access to a log of missed chats
    • Can be enabled for mobile devices and tablets
    • Brand the chat window with your company logo (Pro version)

    When you’re offline, the chat box becomes a message box in the pro version. And if you find you’re communicating with a menacing individual, there’s an option to block IP addresses from chat.

  • eCourse or Membership Options

    If you’re thinking about adding e-courses or membership options to your community, here are a few plugins that can make design and execution a much more straightforward process.

    eCommerce and Monetization Options

    If you’re building a community with the aim of rallying people for a cause, or just want to create an online store for your users, here are some solid plugins to help you add eCommerce to your network.

    Social Sharing Options

    Even if you have a strong private social network in your BuddyPress community, you may want to extend your social reach by offering your users new social sharing options.

    How do you amplify the functionality of your BuddyPress installation? Do you use any of the above plugins or different ones? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

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