Need a Community Website? I’ll Show You How to DIY!

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Are you looking to build a website for your volunteer group, club, church, or other community organization? Are you a curious, hands-on beginner that would like to DIY (do it yourself?)

If so, you’ve landed in the perfect place!

I’m excited to announce the release of my latest course with WordPress and Genesis DIY: Community Website.

This course is the 7th in my WordPress and Genesis DIY series. Other course topics include websites for showcasing photography, weddings & special events, small businesses, and freelance portfolios.

* I’m an affiliate for both and the Genesis Framework. Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you use them to make a purchase.

What’s the Course Cover?

DIY isn’t just about copying/pasting and blindly following instructions. In this course, I’ll share with you the “whys” behind every step, so that you end up with not only a website, but also a better understanding of how to plan and scope a web project.

In a little over an hour, I’ll show you how to create a website complete with:

  • custom home page
  • blog
  • events calendar
  • discussion forums
  • contact and submission forms
  • and more, of course :)

I’ll walk you through every step in the process: from site planning and finding the right plugins, to installing a new child theme and customizing the appearance of your site to make it match your organization.

We’ll also cover some some tips for prepping and sharing your site with the world.

Are there prerequisites?

Great question! The answer depends on your familiarity with the Genesis Framework.

If you’re squeaky new to Genesis, start with:

  • Up and Running for The Genesis Framework

If you’re a little bit familiar with Genesis, but could use a refresher on recommended configurations, start with:

  • WordPress and Genesis DIY: Setting Up WP + Genesis

If you’re already an experienced designer and just want to see my process for building a WordPress community site, dive right in:

  • WordPress and Genesis DIY: Community Website


This course also requires that you have a copy of the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. While you’re free to use ANY Genesis child theme to build your community site, if you want to follow along exactly with me, pick up a copy of the Education Pro theme.

Not Sure if You Want to Commit to a Subscription?

I’ve got you covered here. Sign up with this link for a free 10-day trial and get access to the entire learning library. The three courses mentioned above are less than 5 hours total, so 10 days is plenty of time to take the courses with no commitment to a subscription.

10-day free trial

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